Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Alaska Adventure Begins

Snow capped mountains glisten in the brilliant sunshine. Bald eagles glide with outstretched wings soaring through the sky toward the hidden nests with their bounty grasped in their claws. The quietness is broken by cracking ice and the rushing water as it splashes over rocks and fallen trees. This is Alaska the last frontier a place where the hidden beauty is still waiting to be discovered. The adventure is in the discovery as we explore hidden falls and streams and get to know the real Alaska.

We are truly experiencing the real Alaska. The landscape here is awe-some. It is so amazingly beautiful in every direction. The colors are brilliant and vibrant.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Thoughts of Life~Adventures to the Great White North

I was thinking last night about my life and where I have been and where I am going. I have been living this life for forty-three years now and the experiences, which I have had, are numerous. Many times, I have wondered if this was ‘it’ as I had myself into one or more perilous predicaments. However, I came out on the other side amazingly unscathed for the most part. Looking back at those times when I really should have not survived, makes me more aware than ever that God has specific plans for our lives. Each time I found myself in a spot where the hurdle was an overwhelming obstacle; I would have doubt that I would be able to keep my stride. Many times, I would trip and the obstacle I thought would get the better of me. Hindsight gives me encouragement because along the route I found strength. I may have stumbled along the way but I found that God was always there to help me up and brush off my battered ego. The hills and valleys were tall and deep, yet the one constant through them all was that I did not travel alone. God has guided me through the path and sustained me during the lowest parts bringing me out on the other side stronger than ever.

In my blessings, I count each of you as one. For if our paths had never crossed I would not be the person, I am today. God placed every one where he wanted so that we could learn and experience through happy times and sad ones as well as exciting times and the dull ones. If we look at the annoying obstacles in our lives, we will find a blessing that we may have been very unaware. So next time you are sitting in a traffic jam or waiting in a never ending line at the store, look at it as a blessing. Every time this happens to me I will pass a wreck on the way home or just barley miss having an accident.

We leave for Alaska on Monday evening and I am somewhat apprehensive. We will be gone for seven weeks; that is a long time to be away from home. I covet your prayers while we are off on this adventure of a lifetime. Please pray that we do not wear out our welcome, that we do not get homesick and that our family at home will be safe. Josh wants prayer that he is not eaten by a polar bear. Joyce does not want to be attacked by a Moose and they both want safe flights. I will keep you updated on our adventures so stay tuned to the dandelion gazzette for more…

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Boys Will Be Boys

Mothers all around the world who have indoor plumbing continue to have issues with their son’s bad habits. Some Mothers are ready to revert to the old days, and send their boys outside to water the lawn, so to speak.

When boys are young, mothers have been known to toss cheerios into the toilet, allowing target practice to take place. Under a mother’s advisement, companies have developed britght multi-colored target shapes to tempt boys to take control and not miss.
Still, as their boys grow up, mothers continue to clean up all the time knowing their sons aimed better at three than they do at six or even nineteen. Sinking the targets as a youngster may have something to do with the problems mothers encounter today.

Could it be these young men are crying out to garner more attention? Do they yearn to see the targets again? Did they become bored?

Considering documented history, maybe someone should create toilet targets that make bombing noises, as the old saying goes; “boys will be boys”, and they love to make noise.