Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend of Movies

Early Friday my son Joshua and I picked up Logan Turner and we went to the IMAX/Cinemark in Tulsa to watch Karate Kid. I had read a few remarks on the web who criticized the movie remake, so I was prepared for it not to be good... Was I surprised. Mom's if you take your boys be sure a grab some tissue. I cried in 3 places. Young Jaden Smith did a great job in his role. Jackie Chan did good but I have to question the direction he received because when you first see him he shuffles as he walks. Kind of makes it difficult to believe after he shows his "Kung Fu". There are intense scenes with the villain of the movie. Just made me cringe. There is a sweetness and lessons to be learned. I highly recommend this movie.

We came home and the boys shot off some fireworks played for a while outside and then it was time to watch Alice in Wonderland. We had just purchased the movie last week and Logan had not see the movie. Love that movie!

Saturday after the boys cleaned my car, did some chores and played for several hours I rewarded them with another trip into Tulsa to the IMAX/Cinemark to watch the A-Team. WOW! Let me use the word the boy's said... "EPIC!" Totally have to agree. I loved the television show and the movie did a great job in making a great show even better. There are a few foul mouthed words. But they are very limited considering we are talking Military personnel in a war situation. The action and intense fight scenes keep you on the edge of your seat. The quips of humor make you laugh til your sides hurt. Loved loved loved the movie.

The weekend was over way to fast for Josh as he really enjoyed his time with Logan but like good hosts we returned our young friend home late Saturday night instead of keeping him. :)