Thursday, July 24, 2008

Why no Obama visit to the injured troops?

Watching the news this evening I got ill. Obama is strutting his stuff across Europe and the crowds are cheering. But wait aren't the crowds that he has enamored the same crowds the hate the United States? Somewhere somehow that should give us a warning. Do we really want a president (Leader) who many of our enemies want to be in control of the U.S.? I would think that should make us fearful on the type of Leadership we will get if Obama is elected as our President. Obama is in Germany and did he go to the Hospital there where our injured troops are transported when they need further stabilization before returning home? No. He went to the Ritz and had a huge outpouring of "We LOVE Obama" from the same groups that have been carrying signs through the German streets saying terrible things about the U. S.
I thought this trip was a trip to show his concern for the troops? No it was only a trip to further his agenda and make him look more presidential.... Hum-m-m and from the looks of it the Media is playing right into his hands. Wake up America! and wake up soon because you may wake up and realize that those rights you have always taken for granted have been slowly taken away.