Friday, March 31, 2006

Paul Bogart Groupies

Accountability for Decisions

Statistics show children who have had an abusive upbringing will often turn to alcohol and drugs to escape the real world in which they live. Children who are beaten or grow up in an abusive home are prone to become abusers themselves, or get involved with an abusive spouse, or significant other. As adults these children will use either their life experiences as an excuse to continue to live in an atmosphere of despair, or they will reject their past, and live a life opposite to what they experienced as a child. Our life experiences are what give us our identity. It makes us who we are. The troubles children like these faced in their life are possible to overcome. Having someone who would encourage rather than discourage as they climb out of their pit of despair is all that is needed to make life changing decisions. Others will continue to make excuses for their law breaking actions; attributing them to someone or something else. The parents who have made excuses for their children time and again have instilled ‘its not my fault’ forever in the attitude of their offspring. We live life as we are taught, by our parents, or a significant person who has influenced us in some way or another. However, accountability must be taken with the decisions we make as adults.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Rising Star ~ Paul Bogart

This weekend Paul Bogart will be returning home for two concerts, Thursday Night at Redneck Country in Catoosa and Friday Night at the Cherokee Racino in Claremore.

There is good news for those of us who enjoy Paul’s music as Porter Wagner has recorded one of Paul’s songs for his a album that should be hitting shelves soon.

Paul has been living in Nashville writing songs ~ singing for his supper so to speak. Looks like things are paying off! Congratulations Paul!

Famous Faces

I had the opportunity a few weeks ago to attend a function and take pictures of my friend's daughter. The event was Homecoming and one of the student's Dad just happened to be Garth Brooks.
He and Trisha were both in attendance and graciously took pictures with the girls and posed for pictures with many fans.

It was a great evening and the two of them were very sweet to everyone who wanted to talk to them.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Step Over Billie Letts

Aspirations of becoming a writer have been in my heart for a very long time. I have always been somewhat of a daydreamer; making up elaborate stories in my mind where I could escape the world around me. Learning how to write and placing my innermost thoughts on paper is the best thing I ever learned. Finally, I was able to express and remember in vivid detail the adventures of my daydreams. I penned long elaborate stories full of the excitement, and the wonder I dreamed about having in my life. Little did I know the excitement I was getting ready to live would give me a lifetime, of adventure, love and tragedy. Now my stories take on a different meaning.

Adventures lived out on movie screens are a little frenzied for my tastes. However, there are many who tell me that my exploits should be written in a book. I have traveled by air, boat, car and train, and I have witnessed great acts of heroism. At times I have even been up to my knees and elbows in mud while rescuing small children and animals. My daydreams are dull in comparison to my real-life experiences, so my writing took on a more interesting character. The adventures I write about are but a reflection of my life’s journey. Daydreaming has ended and escapades of real life written. The dreams of adventure have become reality, but the quest for adventure continues!

During one of my many escapades, I found love. I was serving on my first disaster operation in Louisiana, working long hours in horrible conditions, but the passion I had for the victims of disasters kept me going. Exercising the gift I have for helping people fulfilled a spot in my heart like never before. During this time, I met the man I was destined to marry. We lived, loved, laughed together, and experienced more adventures than we ever had on our own. Now my writing was able to express passion - a passion only those who experience true love can write about with understanding. Then came the children and I noticed a new passion. Like a mother lioness, I was able to express a passion for which I never knew existed. Protection and nurturing goes right along with passion, and when it comes to my children, I am that lioness. The passion of a mother’s love is hard to understand until the experience becomes reality.

Many times reality contains tragedy and my life has contained more than its fair share. There is no way to comprehend the magnitude of real tragedy until it has been experienced first hand. One late night in March reality came crashing in as the lion roared on the beginning of the last day. My husband who was having a full-blown grand maul seizure awakened me.

Time stood still as the emergency room doctor‘s voice penetrated my dream … wait this was no dream - it was reality and the cloud started lifting as time ceased to stand still. My husband was diagnosed with cancer just six months after our second child was born…suddenly I knew tragedy. We had only four months and during that time my writing became a catharsis, as I would document each night’s struggles while watching my husband fade away.

This was the starting point for a series of tragic events, which I experienced and overcame during the next five years. The vicissitudes, the laughter, and the tears all brought more meaning and each day was experienced to the fullest.

Today, the meaning of life for me has changed, and my writing style continues to evolve often reflecting the adventure, passion and deep sorrow, as well as the God given grace and eternal hope I have in my heart. My writing continues to mature and is now more insightful. I have grown and matured and as a writer, and the life experiences I bring into the equation only add to my ability in expressing thoughts and feelings.

Adventure, love, and tragedy - I have it all. Now I need the education to fine-tune my ability as a writer. This brings me at the age of forty plus to the decision to attend college. The opportunity to learn will only add to my writing style and creativity. I continue to dream and now my dreams bring visions of one day being Oprah’s guest when she chooses my best-selling novel as her favorite.

This of course is only a daydream but I know from experience reality is often better. It will be my turn one day and I can say, “Step over Billie Letts, Here I come!”

Finding Love in A Window

Love is found in some of the most unusual of places. Humans will often resort to some of the most confounded things in order to be noticed by the opposite sex. In today’s cyberspace world - love can be found on a window. A majority of bizarre individuals, as well a few in their ‘right frame of mind’ can be found knocking on desk top windows of unsuspecting males and females hoping that someone will open the blinds and take a look at what they have to offer.

A little like the mirror in Snow White questions are asked of the window sitting on the desktop, “Window, window on my desk is there a match for me? “ Occasionally when the blinds are opened, the match that makes ‘dreams come true’ is on the other side. Other times it is as if the “troll king” has overtaken the window and the only way to exterminate the relationship is to pull the plug.

For one couple the blinds were peaked through and a quiet subtle friendship began. After chatting for some time through the blinds, they decided to meet in person. The two became close friends as they continued to chat back and forth through the blinds and a few times in person. A couple of years passed and the friendship blossomed so whenever anything exciting or tragic happened they would always call each other. The two were found playing card games with family, attending church functions together and just hanging out occasionally. Then one-day things took on a different feel. The friendship, which had started out so quietly, became one where the heart was involved.

On St. Patty’s Day, a family celebration was taking place and little did she know but he had concocted a plan that she would remember the rest of her life. When dessert was brought out in the form of cupcakes with strings, each family member took turns pulling out their prize from the scrumptious dessert. When it became her turn she pulled out a sparkling diamond ring and with family all around he bent to one knee and asked her the words so many wait a life time to hear. “Will you Marry ME?” Her answer was of course ‘yes’ and in a few days the couple will tie the knot.

The love of a lifetime was found on a window sitting on their desk. Have you been wondering if there could there be someone sitting on the other side of your desktop window? Will you peak through your blinds and see what is on the other side? There could be someone waiting for you to say hello. The amazing thing about this cyberspace way of matchmaking is that it works. It may not work for everyone but if you are a Fiona, looking for your Shrek surprising things can happen. Caution should still be taken, as Cinderella might actually be Esmerelda trying to trick the handsome prince. At the time Prince Charming could be the evil Troll King from the ‘Billy Goat’s Gruff’ story. Therefore, as with anything else you start, caution is encouraged. Remember to peak cautiously and learn a little about the person on the other side before actually agreeing to meet them.