Friday, August 24, 2007

Accident on HWY

Life as we know it can change in the blink of an eye. The decisions we make at any given moment will often have lasting affects.
Yesterday I left for school and decided to take a different route. I was driving my Mom’s truck as the kids had band practice and they were going to need the car. I went to Sonic in Oologah and got a Cherry Limeade to quench my thirst before school. I had just called my mom and asked her to fax some information for me. It was 11:44 am.
The radio does not work in Mom’s truck and I was thinking about how abundantly God has blessed me. I was just watching the road and the cars passing by. I was watching the three cars up ahead coming towards me and glancing at the truck behind me in the rear view mirror thinking 88 was a well-traveled road this time of day.
Then the middle vehicle from the three that were heading my way drifts right out in front of me totally in my lane with less than 50 feet between us traveling at the speed limit of 55 miles an hour. I saw him, I swiftly moved to the shoulder and he swerved at the same time. Our mirrors clashed, mine was knocked off and went through my window. Glass went everywhere. I closed my eyes and pulled off quickly I don’t remember actually pulling off the road I just know I was on the shoulder when I stopped.
The guy behind me opened the passenger door. I kept my eyes closed because of the glass. He called 911 and then Mom called me on the phone. (phone said it was 11:55 am) I was crying because I was scared. This guy talked to mom and 911. Thinking about it now my hands never left the steering wheel until the highway patrol asked for my license.
It was not my fault he came out of nowhere, I must have said something aloud because the guy who opened the door said, “No it was not your fault he just came out in front of you…. I can’t believe you got out of his way or that you were able to pull over.”
Then there was another voice … It was the driver of the truck who caused the accident. First, I was mad then I listened … he had just had a chemo treatment earlier that morning and was on his way home.
I had to repent for being mad and I started praying for him. His name is Steven. I just thought he must not have anyone since he was taking himself to a Chemo treatment. He was kind he stayed until the ambulance arrived and I think he needed treatment also because the guy said he looked really shook up.
The ambulance arrived put me in a neck brace and back board just for precaution. The right side of my neck was hurting and the right side of my back. I figured it was stress or that I wrenched my body so fast to get away from the impact that my muscles were screaming in retaliation. They flushed my eyes for 5-10 minutes and I opened them.
I was covered with tiny shards of glass everywhere. I cried and I still cry when I think of what did not happen. The thought of why God spared me makes my heart ache because for some reason he thinks I am worth keeping around.
I am still finding glass on my face and arms and I am going to my eye doctor today because I got a cut on my eye that just had surgery. My back and neck as well as my left knee are still screaming but the good thing is that I can silence them for the most part by the pain medication and Ibuprofen.
Only inches separated me from a catastrophic injury. The mirror on the side of the truck was whipped into the cab right through the window and it did not touch my face. The dark tinting screen on the widow kept most of the glass from exploding into the cab. If I had blinked prior to seeing him, I would not have been able to turn the wheel. If I had been on the phone, I would not have reacted as swiftly. If I had been looking at the landscape... So many things could have kept me from seeing him in that split second and it would have been so much worse. God is good and faithful to supply for all my needs. I want to give him praise for taking care of me.

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Miss Brenee said...

Wow...glad your ok! I have been lurking here on and off for the past month. I have found strength from your story and yours kids are beautiful. Renee (Reph) Reed CHS 82