Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Help our Soldiers!

To all Patriotic Americans

When soldiers are wounded in Iraq, they are taken to the hospital where their clothing is removed and they are given a hospital gown. (The kind that is slit up the backside) The trek to the hospital does not include stopping and getting an extra set of clothing ~ so our Heroes are left standing around with their bare bottoms playing peek-a-boo with every step they take.

You yourself know how demeaning hospital gowns can be ~ remember walking down a crowed hallway, feeling a cold draft up your backside then remembering… oops the world is able to see my derrière.

These brave men and women deserve better and with your help, we can give them a little dignity as they recover from injuries sustained fighting in the battle America has sent them to win.

The goal is to collect 10,000 sleep pants and t-shirts. We will package a set in 2 gallon Ziploc bags with a card wishing them rapid recovery and letting them know we got their back.

I know you want to help. You can e-mail me Julie Dermody at or call me at 918-232-3796.

Now here is the real kicker…. We want to accomplish this by March 31, 2008.

How can you help? Organize a pajama party where people can drop off t-shirts and sleep pants and stay and package them their selves or have others willing to do the packing. This is going to be fun and it will be a great opportunity for groups to see how they are able to work together and help accomplish this goal. Can you imagine the possibility of getting more than the 10.000? It is possible.

Please Note
New not used
T-shirts with no writing
Sleep pants with out words printed

I look forward to collaborating with your groups as we set out to accomplish our goal!

Until they All Come HOME!

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Anonymous said...

I found some nice ones on sale at Kohls today (3-15) They are having a sale through Tuesday. I will be dropping off at the Bethel Baptist Church per your instructions.