Sunday, October 10, 2010

What are you doing with your gift of freedom?

I care about the state of the country that my children will be left with. Our Congress, Senate and illustrious President are selling our kids future down the river. God blessed us by gifting us birth in a free country, where we have the right to voice & vote for what's right. My question to you... What will you say to ...God on Judgment day when he asks "What did you do with the gift of freedom I gave you?"

Our Founding Fathers laid their lives on the line so that we would not live under tyranny of an overbearing government.

The apathy of many will cause the fall and we will find that the nation we leave behind for our children will have falle...n back into a tyrannical government.

Is that what you are prepared to leave behind for your children? What do you say to those that many fought and laid down their lives to get us away from double taxation without representation?

What are you doing with your rights of free speech and free expression? It's time to Wake UP! Do it before we have to take up arms. Do it before our children have to take up arms and fight for their right of the pursuit of happiness.

Politics may leave a sour taste in your mouth. But it is time to get involved. Find a candidate that stands for the principles you believe in and help get them elected. Because if we don't help the good guys get into office we'll be stuck with the ones who have forgotten to remember the Constitution and they will continue to make decisions based on whims.

Our current government continues towards the path of returning our Nation to one that is under a rule of tyranny. We need candidates that will return us to the Constitution.

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