Monday, February 20, 2006


As always I try to sit down reflect on the blessings both big and small that God has allowed me to experience the past year. This last year he has blessed me with more friends and more family.

Going back to school at my age can be somewhat intimadating but back to school I went as God opened the doors for yet another life changing experience. God's plan in my life often makes my plans dull in comparison. I was happy were I was, not to say I'm not happy now. Grow where you are planted is my motto.

The challengs of life were going to be easier as last year's challenge was the election (I thank God I did not win). Then I enter the halls of higher learning, what was I thinking the campaign trail looks easier all the time.

Now I have the opportunity to set an example to my children and buckle down to get good grades; at the same time keeping my integrity when it comes to dealing with liberal professors. (Another Challenge of Life).

I am making new friends and becoming "Mom" to many of the younger students who seem to face the challenges this world continues to bombard their lives with every day. My heart often goes out to them as my prayers go up once I learn of their horrific life. Today's kids have so many more challenges than I would have ever imagined. Life in my sheltered up bringing kept me from many of the evils of the world, but most of these kids have witnessed or experienced at least one thing that I have only recently learned about, (Things I wish I never would have had the opportunity to know about).

The greatest challenge of returning to school was the math classes. (I hate! Math!) With the help of several young members at church (mostly Michelle) I was able to squeeze out a B in the first clas and a C in the second class. I have one more to conquer and I am not looking forward to it at all. There are just a few things God makes us do so he can laugh I think. Why Math would ever be in his plan for me just baffels the mind.

I am learning everyday more things that make me thankful for the path God has led me through as I have matured. (Yes I have) Looking back at my life I think whoa, Lord I never expected to be in this spot. Yet this is were he has me and it is so comforting to know his plans for me cannot be thwarted and that I am where he wants me to be when he wants me to be there.

One of the grandest blessings God has given me is the Church Family at Bethel. To be specific the Singles II Bible Study Class. You are such a blessing every day to my heart. The storm we have weathered left us battered and tired in many ways yet the Holy Spirit sustains us. The love our class has for oneanother is why I think those who have graduated have a hard time leaving our midst. I never wanted to be "Single" but I am so glad that God has placed me where I am because the blessings overflow in abundance.

I thank God for all of you being there to provide a listening ear an encouraging smile and a comforting hug when I need to have them. My prayer is that God blesses your life a richly as he has seen fit to bless mine.

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Kay Skaggs said...

I guess since I am most closely related to this particular entry I will comment here, although the comment is not just tied to this particular entry.
This blog is interesting and I admire your writing ability and talents.
God has indeed blessed you, in spite of the circumstances through which He has chosen to grow you in maturity in Him.
You are a blessing to me with your tireless giving of yourself to others, without hesitation or respector of persons. You have a beautiful heart and an engaging smile. Others see Jesus in you!
I love you Jules.