Friday, February 24, 2006

Champion a Cause

Make your life more enjoyable by finding a cause to champion. There are organizations that pull at our heart strings giving us a desire to step up to the plate and donate our time and money. One of those organizations is the American Red Cross; they will take your time, money, blood, your vehicle, even your body after you die.

The ARC needs volunteers in order to meet with the 1927 congressional mandate to organize relief efforts in the event of a disaster. Volunteering means there is no monetary payment for your service; however, the life changing experiences volunteers encounter are worth more than money.

Training is provided on evenings and weekends; this allows their volunteers to do their jobs with confidence. ARCDSAT volunteers are trained in Family Service, Damage Assessment, and Mass Care; the primary jobs needed when a disaster strikes.

Imagine having the opportunity to fly to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Nassau, Washington, Houston, Miami or New Orleans all expenses paid. The perks of volunteering for this and other organizations are great but the real life changing experiences happen when the volunteer helps make life easier for individuals and families devastated by disaster. Long hours will pass by and the weeks will expire quickly but the experience will forever be written in the hearts and minds of the volunteer.

The chance to make new friends is around every corner; in fact meeting one's mate is even possible while serving. Take it from someone who knows first hand; volunteer today and take a step toward experiencing a life changing event. Volunteering can change your life for the better.

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