Saturday, March 25, 2006

Finding Love in A Window

Love is found in some of the most unusual of places. Humans will often resort to some of the most confounded things in order to be noticed by the opposite sex. In today’s cyberspace world - love can be found on a window. A majority of bizarre individuals, as well a few in their ‘right frame of mind’ can be found knocking on desk top windows of unsuspecting males and females hoping that someone will open the blinds and take a look at what they have to offer.

A little like the mirror in Snow White questions are asked of the window sitting on the desktop, “Window, window on my desk is there a match for me? “ Occasionally when the blinds are opened, the match that makes ‘dreams come true’ is on the other side. Other times it is as if the “troll king” has overtaken the window and the only way to exterminate the relationship is to pull the plug.

For one couple the blinds were peaked through and a quiet subtle friendship began. After chatting for some time through the blinds, they decided to meet in person. The two became close friends as they continued to chat back and forth through the blinds and a few times in person. A couple of years passed and the friendship blossomed so whenever anything exciting or tragic happened they would always call each other. The two were found playing card games with family, attending church functions together and just hanging out occasionally. Then one-day things took on a different feel. The friendship, which had started out so quietly, became one where the heart was involved.

On St. Patty’s Day, a family celebration was taking place and little did she know but he had concocted a plan that she would remember the rest of her life. When dessert was brought out in the form of cupcakes with strings, each family member took turns pulling out their prize from the scrumptious dessert. When it became her turn she pulled out a sparkling diamond ring and with family all around he bent to one knee and asked her the words so many wait a life time to hear. “Will you Marry ME?” Her answer was of course ‘yes’ and in a few days the couple will tie the knot.

The love of a lifetime was found on a window sitting on their desk. Have you been wondering if there could there be someone sitting on the other side of your desktop window? Will you peak through your blinds and see what is on the other side? There could be someone waiting for you to say hello. The amazing thing about this cyberspace way of matchmaking is that it works. It may not work for everyone but if you are a Fiona, looking for your Shrek surprising things can happen. Caution should still be taken, as Cinderella might actually be Esmerelda trying to trick the handsome prince. At the time Prince Charming could be the evil Troll King from the ‘Billy Goat’s Gruff’ story. Therefore, as with anything else you start, caution is encouraged. Remember to peak cautiously and learn a little about the person on the other side before actually agreeing to meet them.

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