Friday, March 31, 2006

Accountability for Decisions

Statistics show children who have had an abusive upbringing will often turn to alcohol and drugs to escape the real world in which they live. Children who are beaten or grow up in an abusive home are prone to become abusers themselves, or get involved with an abusive spouse, or significant other. As adults these children will use either their life experiences as an excuse to continue to live in an atmosphere of despair, or they will reject their past, and live a life opposite to what they experienced as a child. Our life experiences are what give us our identity. It makes us who we are. The troubles children like these faced in their life are possible to overcome. Having someone who would encourage rather than discourage as they climb out of their pit of despair is all that is needed to make life changing decisions. Others will continue to make excuses for their law breaking actions; attributing them to someone or something else. The parents who have made excuses for their children time and again have instilled ‘its not my fault’ forever in the attitude of their offspring. We live life as we are taught, by our parents, or a significant person who has influenced us in some way or another. However, accountability must be taken with the decisions we make as adults.

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