Friday, July 14, 2006

Adjusting to "Tulsa Time"

After staying in the great white north for over 40 days it was time for the Dermody's to go home. To acclimate ourselves back to "Tulsa Time" we stayed awake for 48 hours. I figured this way we would be able to get better adjusted ~ does anything ever work the way we want them?

We left Anchorage on the 4th of July at 12:45 am. The sun sent us off into the brilliant blue sky as our plane climbed heading towards the lower 48. Before long the darkness encased us but it did not last long as the sun ~ wanting continue to shine on our vacation, chased us and once again and lit the sky. When we landed in Salt Lake City where the snow covered mountain tops glistened in the sunlight.

After a couple of hours it was time to embark on the final leg of our journey. Oklahoma here we come. Excitement began to make our tummy's tingle. Just four more hours and we would be home. As excited as we were it was impossible to keep the sandman away and slumber over took the weary travelers. For at least an hour we all slept cuddled under our blanket using each other as pillows.

The flight attendants began gathering the trash in preparation for landing. We looked out the window and saw the familiar landscape of OKLAHOMA! We are home! Oologah lake with its azure blue waters captured our eyes. It was so small if we had only been a little closer we might have been able to see our house. With seat belts fastened, and tray tables up, our plane began descending towards our final approach.

THe heat of the Oklahoma sun hit us when they opened the doors of the plane. For just a moment I longed for the cooler tempertures of Alaska. We deplaned and headed towards the baggage claim. Joyce took off in a dead run when she spotted Charlene and Grandma. They along with Richard, Keshia, and my new nephew Gabriel were waiting for us at the end of the hall.

It's good to be home! The opportunity to see Alaska will always be forever in our memories. Will we return to the land of adventure? yes but weather we are able to someday make our home in Alaska will be a question God will have to answer. Do I want to return? Yes! WE all really fell in love with the beauty God created in Alaska. My only wish is that we could pack up everything we love in Oklahoma and take it with us. Time will tell.

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