Thursday, July 27, 2006

Reality Is Not Where We Want To Be

Life can be trying at times when you are faced with the reality of where you are currently and look at it in relation to where you wanted to be at this point in your life. The saying goes about the best-laid plans of mice and men….
Through it all, we have to realize that God is in control and there is a reason for our struggles that will benefit his purpose for our current situation in which we find ourselves living.
We have to look and see the larger picture and many times that picture is so blurry or abstract that it is difficult for us to discover its purpose or meaning. However just because we cannot make out the picture does not mean that God cannot see beyond the muted lines and abstract figures. It is He who is the master artist and he knows what he wants the final picture to be.
God’s plan is perfect and he has a master plan for each of our lives. The job that has been set before us is to give praise to him no matter how we perceive the current picture. Many times, it is difficult because we find ourselves in unwanted situations some that break our hearts and causes us to ask the age-old question… Why?
Of course, when we ask that question we have to take a serious look at the life we are living and examine to see if it is pleasing to the Father. If we are not living a God, centered life chances are the rocky paths are the paths back towards the father.
Sometimes we live the life that is pleasing to God yet we are still faced with tremendous upheavals in our life. Tragedy strikes even those who belong to the Father. In Romans 8 it is explained that everything that happens to those who love the lord happen for his glory.
So when tragedy strikes we need to continue to give praise to our loving father. For it is for his ultimate glory that all things happen. We must hold tight to our faith ~ knowing that what ever happens happens for the greater good.

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