Friday, January 23, 2009

Hear the Cries for Survival of the Unborn

I have been on the brink of tears every time I think about where our country is headed. I stay up on what’s happening in the political world; and when I witnessed Christians supporting Obama it grieved me and really made me angry that they could not see beyond their pocket books and would vote for someone like him.

I have to keep praying that God will help me. I do not want to be so angry because right now I want nothing more than for those people (who voted for Obama) to wake up screaming at night from nightmares of hearing babies screaming for their lives; as doctors proceed to murder one baby after another before they get a chance to see the light of day.

Those people, the ones who murdered the babies, and the ones who knowingly, and willingly voted for a man known for his radical support of abortion, will soon enough be judged for their actions and we should pray for God to have mercy on them.

The future if we (the United States) continue to head down this path~ the path looks bleak... I hate to think about God turning his favor away from the US. But I fear that may happen.

I have talked with several people and I don't think they understand the real issue. My heart feels heavy with grief. The one think in our favor here is when we as a people join in prayer God can do great things. Just keep praying that God would change Obama's heart.

I am a sovereign grace believer. I know with all my heart that God is in control. He gives us scripture to know where his heart in this issue lays... To kill a child while still in the protections of its mother's womb is a crime punishable by death. Those involved even with out causing the death with their own hand are held responsible. I'll take it one step further in my understanding ~ if we as Christians sit back and do nothing we are as guilty as those who hold the knife.

As sovereign grace believers, we should rely on our faith keeping in mind that God is in control. At the same time, we need to remember He does not expect us to sit back quietly while the slaughter of the unborn happens. History shows that when God’s people come together in a common cause it is like a fire that spreads igniting action. Let’s hope that the cry is heard and we can come together to help keep these little ones alive.

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