Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bulgaria Days 3 & 4

Ok so sleep is a commodity one that I have not had much of for several days. I am amazed on how God is keeping me from having any migraines. Generally when I am running on less sleep than 5 or 6 hours a night I get a horrible one. At this point I haven’t even gotten close to one. Thank God.

Yesterday was filled with meeting new people. I met a couple who recently married. He is 50+ and she is in her 30’s, neither one had ever been married before which in this cultural is unusual. He served in a high position with the communist regime and with the communist fall serves as the manager and caretaker of a local Zoo and Park. She has an amazing story of God’s healing power. She was involved in a car accident several years before and had her leg severed. The doctors sewed it back on and never thought she would walk again… I videoed her story it is truly amazing.

They took us around their city and I got to see the world’s largest statue of Mary, the oldest Mosque in the Balkans and of course the zoo to see the newest addition. It’s really nice when you know the head honcho because then you get first class treatment. It was fun.

We went back towards their home and stopped in the town center. She hustled me out of the car and took me around to several key photopp locations. She speaks no English and me no Bulgarian or Turkish yet she was able to communicate with me what she wanted me to do. We arrived back at the car and went to their home and proceeded to have the largest pizza I have ever seen. It was an enjoyable evening and like the other nights got back to home well after 11pm and did not hit the sack until after 3am.

Easter Sunday! HE IS RISEN! What a wonderful day God provided today. The air was perfect, only a slight breeze and warm enough not to need a jacket. My hosts asked several others to join us for the celebration. I took the morning and walked up the dirt road and met a family that grows tobacco. They allowed me to take their picture. Very friendly I felt bad that I could not speak to them in their own language but they didn’t care. I showed them the pictures I took and shook their hands saying thank you. The grandmother of the group hugged me and kissed each side of my cheek.

The neighbor lady also took me on an excursion. She speaks no English either. We walked up the paths and visited one of the many fountains scattered around the nation. We met up with a shepherd he was quite the character. He had me take his picture and posed for several shots. I liked his face it spoke volumes,

The rest of the visitors came soon after I returned to the house. I felt like I was doing international studies class. I think there were 5 countries represented. It was amazing. The entire day has been great. Thanks everyone for your prayers. Keep them coming. I speak to an 8th grade class on Tuesday. It should be exciting. Can’t wait to take more pictures.

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