Friday, April 28, 2006

Haunting Thoughts During Taps

A tear falls as the haunting tune is played
Day is done, gone the sun,

Standing at attention with pride
All is well, safely rest, God is nigh.

Weathered faces and bodies have seen better days
from the lake, from the hills, from the sky;

White gloved hands grip polished brass
Fading light, dims the sight,

The lonesome sound of the bugle plays
and a star gems the sky, gleaming bright.

Eyes reflect the distant past as the lyrics ring
From afar, drawing nigh, falls the night.

Honors and badges of courage
Thanks and praise, for our days,

Some have lived and some have died
'Neath the sun, 'neath the stars, neath the sky;

Blood was shed
as we go, this we know, God is nigh.

Life was given for our freedom
Sun has set, shadows come,

Families weep for their loss
Time has fled, Scouts must go to their beds

Peace is perceived as the door is closed
always true to the promise that they made.

The flag is folded with pride and honor
While the light fades from sight,

A wife a mother an son a daughter receive the laurels
And the stars gleaming rays softly send,

This man this woman has completed their task
to thy hands we our souls, Lord, commend.

And the tune of taps has ended once again.

The bolded lines are the words to TAPs

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