Thursday, April 06, 2006

Where is Our Society Headed?

Thursday night I went out to Redneck Country to see my friend in concert. I knew that since it had been near twenty years since I have been “honky-tonkin’” that things have changed. The changes that I was in for could not have entered my imagination. Two of my friends whom I invited to attend the concert tried to warn me of the progressive antics that were about to take place.

“Oh MY!” Were the words out of my mouth over and over again. As soon as the first set of the concert was over the dance floor flooded with ladies strutting their stuff. But it did not end there, oh no. All they needed were a few poles on the dance floor. Their gyrations and vulgar movements were not enough they had to start having virtual sex each other. (I am trying to paint a picture here for you but it was much more than I think you can imagine.)

All I can say is that it reminded me of the stories in the Bible about Sodom and Gomorra. The rest of the evening when ever the band was not playing I kept my eyes averted from the dance floor. All I could think of was “Garbage in Garbage out”.

This episode got me to thinking about the demoralization of our society. Things have changed so very much. Our society is headed down a slippery slope of destruction if the antics of which I witnessed have become the norm. There is a reason when I hear preachers and others say “it can’t be long before the Lord comes” that in my heart of hearts I believe the same. Our society is rapidly cruising down the road to destruction right into the hands of the Devil himself.

As a parent of two small children I try to protect them from the worldly things hoping to arm them with a good foundation so they can navigate the world when they reach the point I cannot protect them anymore. When I look at the young people of this world like the ones who were dancing Thursday night I have to wonder, do their parents know what is going on? Would they approve?

I know I certainly do not approve of what I witnessed and I know without any doubt that my Father in Heaven would not have approved either. His face would have been turned away in shame, and that is what scares me most. At what point is the United States going to stop being a blessed nation and start being a disgraced nation with the Father turning his face from us? It can't be long if our nation continues down this path which we are currently destined to travel if things do not change and we do not turn from our wicked ways.

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